The Best Racing Wheel Stand to Buy in 2021

racing wheel stand

Virtual sim racing is in the current world of e-Sports, and is so for understandable reasons. The thrill that comes along with this is intoxicating and a multitude of people are already hitting the virtual roads. However, as with a real car, one must be sure that the building block of the race simulator is stable and something that lasts a long time. Your racing setup does not have an actual engine, but the closest thing would be a racing wheel stand.

A wheel stand is the most pivotal purchase you will be making for your racing simulator setup. After all, the wheel is the component that one will physically touch, and then twist and turn and so on.

Moreover, a good racing wheel is able to mimic the tactile sensations of a drive and this is a sport based entirely on feelings and sensations. Therefore, a wheel stand is the core of any setup so read on to find the very best.

Notable Racing Wheel Stands of today

Picking the best product boils down to your personal preference. The catalogue of products on the market is massive but the following are some of the more notable ones that you might come across.

Next Level racing wheel stand

The unique design of the Next Level Racing Wheel Steering Stand makes it a solid solution to have your wheel, pedals and shifter all in a realistic racing position. The stand can fold in less than 5 seconds to be packed away and stored when not in use.

Next Level racing wheel stand Lite

The Next Level Lite is a highly adjustable stand for all numerous wheels, pedals and gear shifters. The Wheel Stand Lite allows the user to switch from a desk setup to a dedicated stationary and portable station.

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider racing wheel stand

This realistic wheel has a bungee cord mechanism that keeps the resistance continuous regardless of turning angle, and the adjustable wheel sensitivity makes the control easy to handle.

ThrustMaster TX

The THRUSTMASTER TX Racing Wheel, comes with a package consisting of hand stitched leather wheel. Moreover, a Servo Base and T3PA 3-pedal pedal set is also included, as well a metal central attachment system. Built-in screw threads allow attachment to all cockpits.


The Openwheeler Racing and is currently its 3rd generation, and provides good quality and compatibility. The product comes along with a line of add-ons, and is one of the most versatile cockpit on the market.

Some other mentions would be the G27 racing wheel stand, the ultimate steering wheel racing game stand, Mophorn and the One Source Living Pro Racer Game Stand. As stated before, the options to choose from are plentiful so keep reading to find out the best ones.

Options for Home Consoles

While racing is pretty big on PC, you can find plenty of racing stands for home consoles as well. The more often brought are the PS4 racing wheel stand, and the Xbox One, as these are the more recent consoles.

Most top market racing wheel stands are compatible with modern gaming consoles and easy to setup. Lastly, virtually racing on consoles is no different and you will enjoy the same satisfaction as you would from a regular PC counterpart.

Racing Wheel Stand Plans

When you have made your pick, your next step would be to construct an entire setup around it. Fortunately, there are a number of options but too many to list. The setup very much depends on the budget and the following are the two options.

Options on a Cheap Budget

For this, you will have to balance budget with the immersive enjoyment of the simulation. Generally, you can start from $100 for a decent steering wheel, and all the way up to $300. The options are a bit limited on a tight budget but you can still find a decent set of wheels.

The More Expensive Racing Wheel Stands

Here you can go all out, and select one with all the extra goodies to get a real kick out of driving. The options in this regard are virtually limitless as some racing wheel stands are priced at above $700. The features that come along are well worth it, namely break resistances, force feedback and motion sensing.

Building a Racing Wheel Stand from Scratch

Once you have purchased your pick, you will need to build it as you cannot simply just put the wheel on your lap and drive. Of course, one can delegate this task to a professional but building a setup is much easier than it sounds. A DIY racing wheel stand offers you flexibility and saves up on costs as one can start building with basic materials. Many racing enthusiasts are opting to build a homemade wheel stand, either by constructing a wooden setup around their favorite couch, or by preparing a wooden table and then pinning the wheel and the pedals onto the structure. There are numerous DIY plans online but nothing is stopping you from unleashing your creativity and building a blueprint yourself.

Best Racing Wheel Stand to Buy Right Now

We have listed down our Top pick for a racing wheel stand along with all its features. 


Trak Racer’s product, the FS3 is the top of the line product in the market. The FS3 has the most adjustable wheel mount on the market, along with an adjustable pedal plate and gear shifter.

The FS3 wheel stand isn't just built to be attractive; it's completely adjustable from top to bottom. The adjustability results in less stress to your shoulders and back while racing, so that you can drive for long.

Bolted to the chassis, the wheel deck on the FS3 will prove to be the strongest amongst its competition. After its overall stability, the wheel deck is the stand-out feature of the FS3. The deck has the ability to slide 30mm for the perfect grip and angle adjustment that gives you the most comfortable position.

The design of all Track Racer simulators is inspired by industry professionals as well as professional sim and road racers. In fact, each product brings together the highest quality materials with second-to-none craftsmanship and the latest manufacturing processes.

More technical aspects are listed below, just to illustrate the versatility of the product.


  • Compatible with PC and Console
  • Compatible with all popular steering wheels, pedals and shifters on the market
  • Improved left and right side gear shift mount with pre-drilled mounting points and slide
  • Reinforced angle and distance adjustable pedal mount, suitable for all the big brands!
  • Upgraded 3-Point adjustable steering wheel mount with slide
  • Superior build quality, stability and comfort
  • Designed and engineered in Australia


  • Compatible with all the popular steering wheel, shifter and pedal sets on the market (Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, etc) 
  • Adjustable left and right side gear shift mount with pre-drilled mounting points
  • Adjustable pedal plate - angle and slider
  • Fully adjustable steering wheel mount - angle and slider
  • Compact folding design
  • Superior build quality, stability and comfort


  • Adjustable height
  • Rigid frame constructed from premium materials
  • Folds up to a compact size for storage
  • Wide leg stance - suitable for office chairs!
  • 650mm wide for firm stance when racing
  • Hardwood floor safe rubber feet
  • Finished in high-grade steel tubing
  • Folds away in a matter of seconds


  • Solid construction
  • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand wheels
  • 3-Point adjustment allows you to adjust the height and angle of the mount
  • Distance slider for perfect ergonomics


  • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand pedals
  • Angle adjustable with realistic inclined angle
  • Distance slider for perfect

Moreover, due to the durability of the components used in construction and the confidence Trak Racer has in its products, this particular racing stand comes with an extended warranty of 5 years.

The Conclusion

Consequently, the racing wheel stand is going to be the heart of any racing setup so when you are browsing and trying out different wheels, pick one that fits your needs. This article has dotted down the best options for you and by now, you should know where to look. So, buckle up and take a drive down the virtual world with our recommendations for the best experience.

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